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A taste of home

Our Story

Mama Rita is the brainchild of mother-daughter duo Rita and Jessica Kahawaty. Growing our concept that started as a simple idea two years ago, we aim to create homecooked meals that are healthy and delicious.
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All around the world

Our Food

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The Mama Rita kitchen is a homey one  where every meal has its own story and origin. Our philosophy? Our food is real, our kitchen is democratic: everyone deserves to come home to a warm, balanced meal cooked with heart.

In a world with a myriad of options, we offer simplicity. Our curated menu brings you all the coziness and health benefits of a mother’s traditional cooking, infused with flavors gathered from all around the world. Get ready to experience a blend of Middle Eastern, Venezuelan, African, Italian cuisines, and more… with a Mama Rita twist!


Authenticity starts in the heart. Have a taste of Mama Rita’s home-cooked meals and see for yourself.


Our food has it all; beautiful, nutritional, ethical, and natural.


If happiness is homemade, then our kitchen is the happiest place.

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Ethical goodness.

We Deliver to you

Mama Rita has always fed her family and friends with mindful ingredients, and we’re maintaining that tradition in our kitchen. Mama Rita turns a passion into legacy. Our ethos is to prepare fresh, real, hearty meals with the best ingredients: from Himalayan pink salt to light olive oil, fresh vegetables, nutritious superfoods, and premium pastas. Conscionability resides at the core of what we do. We are mindful of our impact on the environment: we use sustainable and recyclable packaging to protect the world we live in because we always remember those who grow our crops, and Mama Rita never forgets where she came from.